The cities of future are being built with modern technology focused solutions. At the beginning of these solutions are Intelligent Transportation Systems. It is clear that information technology, which is growing more and more intensively every day and is at the center of our lives, is active in social, cultural and economic landscapes. The use of information technology in transportation systems, which is one of the most important elements of our daily life, is also vital. Speed and security in transportation, convenience and comfort are among the indispensable elements. Transmitting people and goods from one point to another is much smarter. Vehicle tracking, license plate recognition, intelligent intersection management systems are already widely used. As can be easily understood from these examples, Intelligent Transportation Systems is a complex technology based operations. Vehicles, materials, control systems, sensors, cameras, software, information display systems constitute some of these components.

Reducing the adverse impacts of transportation on people, environment and energy sources, thus increasing the efficiency of individuals and institutions in today’s and tomorrow’s future, while increasing the road safety, road capacity, mobility, travel comfort and speed of intelligent transportation systems. In line with this aim, it is accepted as a prerequisite for the continuity of the system that the system actors, which consists of the physical and software hardware that constitute the technological infrastructure together with real persons and institutions working on this field, work in harmony with each other.

Here, AUS TÜRKİYE (ITS Turkey) collects all the actors related to the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems under a single roof, which is a unity and works in a harmony with each other at the beginning by the official institutions and organizations, commercial companies, NGO’s, universities, software companies, municipalities working on ITS is a conglomerate and complementary association established to speak the same language with each other and to contribute to the formation of a sector that produces products and services in accordance with the standards to be determined and thus will ensure the highest efficiency and of our country’s labor force and financial resources.