Rapidly developing technologies deeply affect the economic and social lifestyle of today's society. The most significant reflection of this in transportation area was the increase in mobility. Problems arise such as traffic congestion, increase in accidents and environmental pollution as a result of the increasing mobility especially in the transportation systems which are mainly developed in the highway.

"Sustainable transport", which will eliminate, at least mitigate, and at the same time support the development of the negative effects of increasing mobility, is the common goal of all societies. Given the scale and complexity of transport systems, it is difficult to achieve this goal without a serious technology-supported planning and management structure. As a solution, it is aimed to make use of the developments in different fields, especially the developments in information and communication technologies in the field of transportation, in other words, to develop effective and efficient Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

The aim of Smart Transportation Systems is to increase road safety, road capacity, mobility, travel comfort and speed, while reducing the negative effects of transportation on human, environment and energy resources, thus increasing the present and future productivity of individuals and institutions. For this purpose, it is accepted as a prerequisite for the continuity of the system that the system actors consisting of physical and software hardware which constitute technological infrastructure together with real persons and institutions working in this field work in harmony with each other.

AUS TÜRKİYE (ITS Turkey)’ s aim collects all the actors related to the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems under a single roof, which is a unity and works in a harmony with each other at the beginning by the official institutions and organizations, commercial companies, NGO’s, universities, software companies, municipalities working on ITS is a conglomerate and complementary association established to speak the same language with each other and to contribute to the formation of a sector that produces products and services in accordance with the standards to be determined and thus will ensure the highest efficiency and of our country’s labor force and financial resources. National Intelligent Transport Systems prepared by Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Strategy Paper 2014-2023 and the Annexed Action Plan (2014-2017) ITS Turkey was established in 2016 in accordance with the actions and allowed to use the TURKEY word with consent of the Minister of the Interior in 2018 encompassing is and complementary association.