Activities International ITS Summit
As Intelligent Transportation Systems Turkey (ITS Turkey) on 6-7 March 2019, we succesfully organized the 1st International Intelligent Transportation Systems Summit in Ankara Information Technology Communication Institution halls under the auspices of our Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mr. Mehmet Cahit TURHAN.

The summit, which lasted 2 days, was attended by 1,400 people. Participants included KKTC Transport and Public Works Minister Mr. Tolga ATAKAN, EU Delegation Turkey Economic and Social Development Department Undersecretary Mr. Angel Gutierrez Hidalgo, EU DG Move Policy Manager Mr. Pedro BARRADAS, ERTICO Board Member and Innovation and Diffusion Director Mr. Johanna TZANIDAKI, South Korea ITS Korea Executive Committee Member International Relations Director Young-Kyun LEE, Member of the Board of Directors of ITS Finland Mr. Markus MELANDER, Head of Business Development Department, 4 panels were held at the summit where many high level attendees attended.

The 2nd International Intelligent Transportation Systems Summit will be held on 11-12 March 2020 in Ankara.

ITS Turkey Smart Way of Transportation Awards

This project, which we plan to make traditional, continues to develop day by day in terms of quality and quantity. 3. Smart Way of Transportation Awards will be given on March 11, 2020 at the 2nd International ITS Summit.

Mılestones of Intelligent Transportation Systems in Turkey

In our age where everything is changing rapidly, the newest technologies and applications and systems that astonish many of them are used in a short time. E-mail, GSM, electronic payment, credit card, etc. that no one has heard or heard 20-30 years ago. technologies are essential parts of life today.
As ITS Turkey we have completed a study to remind chronologically the development of AUS applications which have become inseparable parts of our lives and to pass on to the next generations from where and through which stages. We prepared the second edition of this study in Turkish and English.

ITS Newsletter

It is planned to publish the digitally prepared bulletin as a magazine in order to inform all stakeholders, especially the members of the association, about the activities of the Association.