İNTES The Turkish Employers’ Association of Construction Industries

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İNTES The Turkish Employers' Association of Construction Industries
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+90 312 441 4350 / +90 312 441 3643
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Yıldızevler Mahallesi 4. Cadde 719. Sokak No:3 Çankaya / ANKARA
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Turkish Employers Association of Construction Industry - İNTES was established on February 05, 1964. The headquarters of the Association is in Ankara.

Since its foundation, the aim of İNTES has been to carry out its activities by holding the interests of the country in the forefront. It unites the construction industry under its roof in order to reveal the real power of the sector and to ensure the union of forces.

İNTES represents the leading companies in the construction sector of our country. 150 Construction Industrialists are its member companies. İNTES protects and improves the common economic, occupational, administrative and social rights and benefits of its members. Its members are the leading companies in Turkey that carry out construction activities in all the fields of activity of the sector, who also direct their investments to different sectors. In addition to their domestic undertakings; its members also activate abroad as international contractors and are recognized globally. The most important goal of all the members is to finalize their contracts on time, with qualified work force, in conformity with the contracted conditions, and without sacrificing quality.

The goal of İNTES is to support the development of the country's economy by primarily contributing to the improvement of the sector. İNTES is involved in activities to improve the relations among its members and to strengthen their collaboration by means of protecting the social and economic rights of its members and leading them to fulfill their duties and responsibilities, as well as establishing and maintaining socio-economic equilibrium in employer-employee relations.

The activities of İNTES which acts as the roofing entity of the leader companies in the sector, have also become a brand now. Traditional Conferences are being held since the last 33 years and Solution Seeking Conferences are organized for 15 years. The “Construction Industry-INSAN” Magazine published for 25 years, is among its publications that are followed with interest by the sector.

The "Occupational Qualifications and Certification Center (MYM)" established by İNTES in 2010, for the purpose of executing the certification activities in the construction sector, conducts occupational qualification exams for the workers who want to work and/or who are presently working in the construction sector, and gives occupational qualification certificates to the candidates who are determined to be qualified.