Name of the Member
General Directorate of Highways
Name and Position of the Representative
Abdulkadir URALOĞLU
General Director of GDH
Date of Membership
Telephone / Fax
+90 312 415 8822
e mail
Karayolları Genel Müdürlüğü İnönü Bulvarı No:14 (06100) Yücetepe / ANKARA
About Member
General Directorate of Highways (GDH), founded in 1950, is a public entity affiliated to Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication. GDH has a Central Organization, 18 Regional Divisions, Division of Machinery Works and Division of Supply. GDH carries out its duties by main service units, counseling and supervision units and supplementary service units at the Headquarter and chief engineering units and chiefdoms at the Regional Divisions.

The main duties of the GDH are to realize surveys of roads, to identity road corridor, to prepare projects, to realize research and development works, maintenance, rehabilitation and operations, to carry out snow removal, roadside planting, landscape and cleaning works, to identify, implement and inspect vertical signing and horizontal markings and traffic signal and signalizations, to carry out works related with projects prescribed to be realized with public-private partnership and to maintain and operate toll motorways, bridges and tunnels.

The total length of highways under the responsibility of GDH by 2017 is 67.161 km, 2.542 km of which is motorways and 25.197 km of which is dual carriageways.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is being extended in order to provide safer and more comfortable transport. The works related with the establishment of efficient communication infrastructure ITS Centers and systems on highway routes are still in progress.