Name of the Member
PALYE Transportation Project Inc.
Name and Position of the Representative
General Manager
Date of Membership
February 28, 2017
Telephone / Fax
+90 532 663 3263
e mail
Şerifali MahallesiTurgur Özal Bulvarı No:109/3 Ümraniye İSTANBUL
About Member
Rapidly expanding cities in the face of growing papulations and the need for urgent service delivery has led to the creation of manufacturing and transportation services that are below the standards and contrary to the engineering realities, due to scare human and financial resources.

PALYE Transportation Project Inc. works so as to solve the traffic and mass transport, which is one of the most important problem of the cities, an accordance with the criteria of transportation engineering and serves on public transport and traffic planning issues. It provides planning services by using engineering approaches and attempts to avoid our scare resources to be wasted.

Thanks to very important reference network PALYA enjoys a lot working as a project workshop of especially the municipalities with a qualified and experienced staff.