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Date of Membership
February 28, 2017
Telephone / Fax
+90 216 528 6204 / +90216 528 6300
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Şerifali Mahallesi Beyan Sokak No:66 Ümraniye İSTANBUL
About Member
Founded in 2003, Proline is a Turkish technology company, focusing on Middle East, North Africa and Asia markets with its R&D and integration capabilities. Besides being a system integrator; Proline, which develops its own solutions through the studies carried out in the R&D center certified by the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, also provides product portfolio of intelligent software programs used in city security systems, geographic information systems solutions and various other authentication tools such as fingerprint, vein, and face recognition used in e-identity and biometrics. Proline took part in many city security projects integrated with intelligent software programs in Turkiye and also introduced “Intelligent Security Information Management”, iSIM, software in the field of “Smart Security” which is one of the essential components of the concept of "Safe and Smart Cities". The company, that established the security infrastructure of Qatar's capital city Doha, which will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, takes also place as the Turkish leader in international consortium of project aiming to develop a new automatic access control system for all airports of the EU countries. Proline also established Proline Venture, a venture platform aiming to invest in start-ups focusing on high technology and producing technology in smart city field, on November 2016. Proline operates in Turkiye through its Istanbul Headquarters and Ankara region office and in the Middle East and North Africa through its Qatar office and in Asian markets through its Pakistan offices.