PTT General Directorate of Post and Telegraph Organization

Name of the Member
PTT General Directorate of Post and Telegraph Organization
Name and Position of the Representative
Vice Head of Department of PTT Bank
Date of Membership
Telephone / Fax
+90 312 509 5590 / +90 312 309 5708
e mail
Şehit Teğmen Kalmaz Caddesi No:2 Ulus / ANKARA
About Member
The first postal organization was established on 23 October 184o with The Imperial Edict of Reorganization as a ministry, to respond to the postal needs of the Ottoman Empire. 11 years later telegraph service started and a separate Telegraph Directorate was established in 1855 to discipline this service.

In 1871, the Ministry of Posts and Telegraph Directorate was merged and converted into the Ministry of Posts and Telegraph.

In 1876, the international mail transfer network was established and in 1901 the parcel and money transfer process was launched. In 1913, it was named as General Directorate of Posts, Telegraph and Telephone.

The General Directorate of PTT, which was a State Economic Enterprise in 1954, was put into the status of Public Economic Institution with the Decree Law No. 233, which was issued in 1984 regarding the reorganization of State Economic Enterprises.

Article 24 of the Law No.4502 entered into force on 29 January 2000 and the name of the organization “General Directorate of Postal Services” was changed to “T.C. General Directorate of Post and Telegraph Organization” (PTT).

With the “Postal Services Law” numbered 6475 entered into force on 23 May 2013, the offices of the organization have been reorganized and restructured with the name of “Post and Telegraph Organization Inc.