Name of the Member
UND International Tranportation Association
Name and Position of the Representetive
Ahmet ÖZEL
President of Executive Board
Date of Membership
August 23, 2021
Telephone / Fax
+90 212 359 2600 / +90 212 359 2626
e mail
Nispetiye Caddesi Seher Yıldızı Sokak No:10 34337 Etiler Beşiktaş İSTANBUL
About Member
UND UND, founded in 1974, is a member based NGO and a professional association which represents the Turkish international road transport industry. UND’s membership currently includes 1162 transport operators which represent the sector which delivers around 50 % of Turkish exports (in value) to target and spur the Turkish economy with an averagely 10 billion dollars annual contribution. Our main objectives include to enhance competitiveness of the sector companies by informing them about all subjects of their concern, any industrial developments triggered by the globalisation, potential risks and opportunities, as well as encouraging them for partnerships and strategic alliances at national and international levels, and to ensure that the industry is efficiently managed, focused on ways to improve service quality, respectful towards the society and the environment anıd equipped with modern facilities. UND also strives for elimination of impediments before the international road transport industry in the world so that it can offer efficient and sustainable services to the society.

UND, coupled with the strength provided by its members, strives to realize important projects under public-private partnerships aimed to support a national development model based on growing foreign trade, with a view to demonstrate a level of logistics performance sufficient to ensure achievement of strategic objectives by 2023 (100th anniversary of the Republic) , namely, a goods export volume of 227 Billion Dollars and a services export volume of 150 Billion Dollars.